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What initial link building have to be done for a new website?

If you are launching a new website or blog, the first question everyone is asking or wondering is: What initial link building have to be done for my website or my blog?

You could ask to SEO folks and agencies but “probably” you will receive a different response everytime. Although there are a few best practice to follow and a few places to go, it’s not clear how, where and when do this important step.

This topic cannot be explained in short, but i’ll try to give you some powerful insights and a good starting point for the initial link building steps to follow.

link building

1. Join top directories like JoeAnt, Yahoo! and others, check this post from SEOmoz.

2. Use guest posts to increase backlinks and get traffic in a good and clean manner, start by joining MyBlogGuest community, very powerful to submit your guest posts (guest posting is a trending topic right now)

3. Setup a Facebook page for your brand, search engines love social networks backlinks.

4. Produce awesome content and link bait your posts, have a look to this post from SEOmoz to understand what i mean.

5. Start commenting on good blogs and forums, write useful and relevant comments, include your website link and get a backlink. Comment sparingly. DO NOT spam. Tip: use DoFollow Diver, great service.

6. Use aggregation websites. These sites automatically pull your content from your RSS and will publish to the community. Start with,,

7. Join blog networks and add your website to them. A few examples are:,,

8. Write articles and submit them to Article Directories like, don’t choose low authority article directories (they accept duplicate content)

9. Create lenses and hubs to Squidoo and Hubpages. Write about your topic or niche and link to your website for more info.

10. Analyze your competitor backinks. Follow this post for the top backlink checker tools.

11. If you can, create an infographic and distribute through blogs and websites to attract traffic and backlinks. Tip: you can use and buy an infographic for as low as $5 (some  may charge a little more if they have to do data research).

12. Have a look at this blog post here: 300+ link building  opportunities. Awesome…

13. Use Q&A sites. Answer questions. Have a look here for a great list of 10 Q&A websites.

14. Create a sheet for the linkbuilding campaign (you can track), annotate on Google Analytics when you build links or the algo updates, create a linkbuilding checklist (important).

15. List (and verify) the business in the local directories (ie. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, etc.), Here is a list of the best local directories.

16. Read these posts from SEO Visions: post1, post2 for further insights about initial link building steps.

17. Here is another great post to read, from Dave Cain: Beginners guide to link building


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