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What happens in an Internet minute? [Infographic]

What happens in an Internet minute? Good question! There is an interesting Infographic from Intel that is trying to explain or imagine what’s going on over the Internet in 60 seconds. Of course it is not easy to wonder what’s happening exactly i suppose.

Honestly speaking i think there is much more out there and some things have not been reported in this Infographic. But it’s a good start point to understand (or try) the wonderful world of the Internet.

From Intel: What happens in an Internet minute? Today, the number of networked devices is equal to the global population. By 2015, the number of networked devices will be twice the global population

It’s an interesting point of view and gives significant information of the new trends and how fast technology is developing and expanding. Networking devices will increase exponentially as well as mobile devices, apps and services (not icluded here).

There are also some missing points here but this Infographic cannot include all the Internet things really happening every single minute. It’s just an interesting overview to make you think about.

Note: higher value is still sending emails, most of them are spam but 204 million emails sent every minute  is a very huge number, don’t you? That means almost 294 billion (!) emails sent every single day. Awesome! Just have a look below.

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what happens in an internet minute

what happens in 60 seconds

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