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Ways to Mass Delete Tweets

Celebrities have done it. So have plenty of politicians. And probably so do millions of average Joes every. single. day. Yes, tweeting something you regret, don’t mean, illegal or just plain stupid can land Twitter-goers in hot water.

Careers have been quashed, jobs lost and in some cases jail time dished out all thanks to the humble tweet. Everyone makes mistakes online sometimes. Take Charlie Sheen.

Back in 2011, the Two and a Half Men actor had a major meltdown. He was treated for substance abuse; he went on tour (sort of); and he made some not exactly glowing comments about the show’s creator Chuck Lorre and some of his cast-mates. And amidst it all, Charlie started tweeting. A lot.

About pretty much everything. And the impact on his twitter account was huge, amassing some 800,000 followers within eight hours of opening his Twitter account. He went on to set a new Guinness World Record gaining a staggering one million followers in just 25 hours 17 minutes.

mass delete tweets

It meant @CharlieSheen bagged the gong for ‘Fastest Time To Reach 1 Million Followers‘ as curiosity grew about the star and he lurched from one cringe worthy moment to another with his crazy lifestyle. Now, those outrageous tweets may have worked for Charlie, but not everyone can claim to have the same success.

By its format, immediacy and public forum within a private sphere, Twitter has broken plenty of others. Once it’s out there in public, it leaves a record for all to see; like a footprint in cement which can be difficult to remove; difficult yes, but not impossible. So what can you do if you publish a series of tweets, you later want to withdraw?

Removing each tweet can be time-consuming, and, depending on when the tweets were posted, not always possible. However, there is a solution and the answer lies with Twitter mass deletion methods.

These handy social media tools mean that rather than go through and delete each individual tweet, users can set a specific timeframe between days, weeks or even months, and then delete them all in one go. Some people also use Twitter mass deletion methods to get rid of old data, or even, draw a line under the amount of information about them they publish online.

In these instances, the TweetDelete service is a good option. This is a free tool which allows users to set a maximum Tweet age; anything older than the age set is automatically deleted.

So when would you use such a tool? Well, perhaps you have someone handling your brand account and the tone needs to be changed? Then the likes of Tweetdelete offer you the chance to reclaim and reinvent. Or maybe there’s a subject that needs withdrawn? Again, these tools are perfect for these occasions.

Of course, you can also do what @CharlieSheen claimed to do and withdraw your account. Except he didn’t. The tweets may be toned down and who knows if it’s even Charlie running the account but the photos suggest it could be him.

And now, with now with some eight million followers, it’s hard to see the actor leaving the social media site, particularly with a new show to plug. But at least there are mass deletion tools just in case.

Author Bio: Ben Jones is a tech writer sharing experiences and investigations into the world of online, gadgetry, social media and hosting.

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