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Visual Social Media Builds Your Brand Quickly

As social media sites are becoming more crowded with businesses trying to get noticed, it’s becoming even more important for you to use unique ways to market your company.

One way to do this is by using visual social media to build your brand more quickly. If you simply use text to promote your business, then you’re selling yourself short.

While this will get the attention of some users, you won’t reach as many people as you could if you take your marketing strategy one-step further and use visual aids to help make your point. Companies can’t impress consumers as easily as they used to.

There’s just too much competition. For this reason, if you don’t make an impression in the first few seconds of introducing a new product, you probably won’t get a second chance.

With so many products constantly being introduced, consumers have been conditioned to be suspicious and even a little cynical in that they don’t see how your product can be any better than what they’re already using. You can use social media sites to break this cycle and make an impression but it’s crucial that you use the right platforms.

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Types of Visual Social Platforms

Three of the main types of visual platforms used in social media are YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Signing up for and using these visual platforms is easy. You can upload photos, videos and slideshows that will generate interest in your products or services.

Using these sites in conjunction with other social media platforms can help to gain the attention your company needs to generate sales and make your company’s brand stand out.

How Visual Aids Can Help Your Marketing Campaign

Using a visual platform does so much more than just tell people about your products. It gives you a chance to show people exactly what it looks like and what it does. You can create visual content to demonstrate all of the features it has or to show consumers how to use your products. You can also use them to show how your services can be beneficial.

When you use text only, you have to paint a picture for consumers to visualize what your product can do based on words and hope they get it right. On the other hand, when consumers can see exactly what your products look like and how they work, they won’t have to try and visualize it based on the way it’s described in text. They can see firsthand what they’ll be getting if they choose your company.

It Sets You Apart from the Rest

When you simply tell people about your products or services, then you’re doing the same thing that millions of others are doing. While you may be getting your point across to many consumers, you won’t stand out and your content won’t reach as many users as it could.

Using video and other visual aids will change that. It will make what you have to say about your products more fun and interesting.

Let’s be honest for one minute. While some products are exciting and fun to talk about generating an abundance of interest from consumers on their own, many others are not so exciting. In fact, they may even be a little boring to talk about even though they are useful and necessary.

It’s easy for consumers to consider this type of products as all being the same even though there are major difference in quality and craftsmanship. In this type of scenario, you can easily see how using visual social media to build your brand quicker can be very beneficial for your company. You can actually show consumers how your products are the right choice.


Every company should use visual content in their marketing strategy. A great video or slideshow will capture the short attention span of consumers and generate interest during those first few seconds that are so crucial. It’s something that any business can take advantage of no matter what type of products or services you provide.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the amazing opportunities using visual aids offer, don’t wait any longer! Visual social media builds your brand quickly and efficiently, so add it to your marketing strategy right away!

Are you taking advantage of the benefits that visual social media has to offer? How has it changed your social media marketing?

About the author: Lisa Mason is a content marketing specialist writing for Blue Soda Promo. BSP offers promotional products with your company logo and tradeshow ideas.

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