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Top Marketing Trends 2013 You Can’t Afford to Ignore

In 2012, the online marketing world was rocked by Google’s furry friends Penguin and Panda. These algorithm updates are continuing to leave webmasters and marketers quaking in their boots well into October.

So what does 2013 hold for online marketers? Are we in for a smoother ride? Or will we continue to feel the aftershocks of Google’s war on spam for a little longer?

Marketing Trends Uncovered

While we can’t answer these questions – after all, who knows what Matt Cutt’s is planning in his office?! – we can make an educated guess as to where we’re heading.

In the last 12 months alone, the online marketing game has changed. Panda has made us rethink the way we optimise onsite; while Penguin has swallowed webspam whole. Even sites that have been playing by the rules have experienced fluctuations and even shattering drops in traffic.

So where are we headed then? What should we be focussing on to keep on the right side of Google? Here we look at some of the top marketing trends for 2013; trends, you can’t afford to be ignoring:

marketing trends 2013

1. Socially Generated Content

2012 really has been the year of the social network. Pinterest has become the third biggest social network in the US; Twitter surpassed 140 million users by its birthday; and Facebook brought Instagram for a cool $1 billion.

Everyone from B2B right through to B2C has embraced these social media powerhouses, and rightly so. Search engines are starting to place more relevancy on socially generated content. So if you’re not getting social – you should be.

In 2013, your online marketing strategy will rely heavily on social sharing and content generation. To be seen as an industry expert, you social media presence will become more and more important. And social networking will drive more and more traffic to your site.

Start by pushing your social media marketing today. Interact with customers and industry figureheads. Share your content, as well as other peoples’. Begin a debate, ask questions, start a poll. Generate unique, customer-driven content about the things that matter to your audience.

2. Tablet Strategies

2012 was the year for mobile websites and marketing strategies. We built websites that could be accessed on smart phones, and we targeted our marketing campaigns to these users. 2013 though, is the year of the tablet.

A recent study has reported that worldwide tablet traffic will far exceed mobile traffic by the turn of the year. And with a new wave of so-called ‘mini tablets’ hitting the market imminently, your business needs a tablet strategy.

This means making sure your websites are properly built for these devices, and tailoring your marketing to these users. Online marketers need to begin understanding now how tablet owners use the web. You then need to being implementing effective strategies that target this audience.

We are no longer using the web in the same way. We browse the website whilst watching TV, as a way to relax, or even on our lunch break. You need to make sure your marketing strategy appeals to this new ‘casual browser’.

3. Integration of Digital and Traditional

Integrated marketing is nothing new; we have been combining our marketing strategies for years. But in 2013, digital marketing will play a bigger role when combined with more traditional campaigns.

For example, networking events have been a strong tactic for many years. But next year, we will begin to see a rise of the digital event. ‘Webinars’ are already becoming more commonplace, and are an easy and effective way for reaching out to customers and peers all over the world.

In terms of your marketing strategies, this is one trend you should be keeping an eye on. Participating in digital meetings, Twitter chats, and Google+ Hangouts will become the ‘new ’ way of communication with clients.

Sure, the other methods you use are worth continuing with, but you need to keep your eye on the ball. You competitors will be promoting themselves in the digital spectrum, and you need to be too if you want to keep up.

The online marketing world is constantly shifting and changing. To keep ahead of the game, you need to be on top of – if not ahead of – the latest marketing trends. What do you think is set to be big news for 2013? Let us know.

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