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Top 5 Local Marketing Techniques

If you are a local company, then you may find yourself in the position of having to drum up local business, on a local budget!

If this is the case, you may feel somewhat confused and bemused by the number of once in a lifetime, buy now and revolutionary offers that are being sold to you daily on the phone.

To short cut your journey, we have come up with the best local marketing techniques to help you invest those marketing pounds into places that will really make a difference to your business.

local marketing techniques

1.)   Leaflets

Leafleting within a one to two mile radius of your business is a very good way of creating local customers. The major benefits are that you are targeting people who are within region of your business, and leaflets are relatively cheap and easy to produce and distribute around the area.

Leafleting is so good for local businesses in fact that most franchises will factor in leafleting costs into their business plans as they know this is the best way to get the neighborhood aware and interested in your products.

2.)   Website and Google Adverts

Another excellent way to drum up local business is to have a website (even a very simple website) and invest in some Google pay per click adverts. The main benefit of pay per click adverts are that they can be localized to target people in your area who are searching for your particular service.

This is especially good if your business is something that people are likely to Google before they go outside, such as a taxicab service.

3.)   Social Media

If you already have existing customers within the area that you operate your business, then having a Facebook page is a great way to tap into their friends and family, who are more than likely to be living within a 5 mile radius of them.

Research shows that most people live within 5 miles of their nearest and dearest’s, and what that means for you as a local business is that your existing customers have at least one person on their Facebook page that will live close to your business. All you need is a Facebook page and off you go.

4.)   Signs and Posters

Another great way to grab local attention is in the form of a good store front sign, sticker, poster or other material that will grab the attention of people walking or driving by your premises.

If you have a large storefront window then a good, large poster advertising your service or any special offers will grab attention and bring people in.

If your company is an office based one, then a poster or sign hanging outside will do the same job as a window front. You could also go one step further and take out some advertising at the local bus stop, train station or billboard.

5.)   Local Advertising

If you want a simpler life, and have some extra cash, then advertising in local newspapers is another way to get your business noticed by people who live within range of it.

Advertising is usually the most expensive option, and takes the longest to deliver some kind of return: but it is successful, so give it a try!

About the author: Ben has a passion for marketing and loves to share hints and tips online. He writes for, a specialist a4 flyer printing company.

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