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Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan page

Do you desperately want your Facebook fan page to score fans and generate leads for you? And you are still looking for it? Then here we are to help you out with it.

Do you know that your fan page can be one of the richest sources of all your interactions? But for this what you need to do is to make people aware of it.

Since, you do not have any strong built in audience like Coke, MTV or Starbucks, you got to educate your fan base, to find you on Facebook.

Here, I have listed some 10 different ways to promote your Facebook fan page. I am sure, if you put some of these ideas into action, you’ll start seeing growth and increased conversation on your fan page.

promote your facebook fan page

So let’s get started!

1: Put your fan page URL on in your email signature

Now tell me, how many email do you send in a day? Now can you imagine the number of emails you send in a day, is a big chance for someone new to find about your awesome fan page! You can put this via WiseStamp on every email send!

2: Write a blog post about your Facebook Fan Page

You should give your readers some five solid reasons, as to why they will join your fan page. Begging doesn’t helps; just give them some fruitful reasons which will benefit them.

3: Ask your twitter followers to join your Facebook Fan Page

You should give some compelling reasons, to your twitter followers to join your fan page. I guess a simple ask will fetch one some good results.

4: Invest in Facebook ads

They are quite easier than you think, you need to spend a little or more, it depends upon you, how much you will spend on Facebook ads.

5: Put a tag in your YouTube videos

If you like to make some good compelling videos for good content market strategy, then you can throw in a well-timed fan page link, at the end of your YouTube videos.

Some of the best social marketers around are The Gregory Brothers, the Geniuses. They always include a link to their fan page, and at the end of every video and make a kind of welcome content.

6: Customize your fan page URL

Vanity URLs are a great way to make your fan page memorable. Facebook also calls it an “Alias”. Check out our Facebook fan page vanity URL:

7: Harness the power of your team

You got to use the power of your team. Your team is one of the positive strength. You got to see, that have everyone in your fan page has put your fan page link on their personal profiles.

8: Redirect your webinar guests to your fan page

If you are using GoToWebinar to conduct your webinar series, you can redirect registrants to your Facebook Fan Page.

9: Put your fan page URL in your PowerPoint slides

When I present my last slide to you, all I give is my contact information and to complete with our organization’s fan page. Since most people are present in Facebook, it’s not a big deal to give them an easy way to connect with you.

10: Lastly you can invite all your friends

At the end, you can tell your friends, that I have given you so many ways, to let people know about your fan page.

Don’t stop here, you can think out some creative ways to promote your fan page. Start making list of your own, as there are hundreds of ways too!

Author Bio: Sourav Saha is the Web Consultant at Webaholic. He blogs about latest SEO trends, Social Media Tips and Updates @Blogaholic. Find him on Twitter @WebaholicIndia.

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