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Top 10 States with the Best Employment Rates [Infographic]

After college, students used to immediately enter into the work force. However, as the economy does not seem to be picking up, this is becoming increasingly difficult for the youth of America to do.

Instead of staying in the places where they were born and raised, they must now travel to different areas of the country if they have any hope of finding a job.

Fortunately, there are ten states with unemployment rates that fall below seven percent. That’s significantly lower than the nine percent national average.

At the top of the list is North Dakota with a 3.6 percent unemployment rate. The thriving industries there are food processing, tourism, petroleum and agriculture.

North Dakota isn’t the only state with such a high rate of employment though. South Dakota and Nebraska are right behind it with a 4.7 percent rate.

Even number 10 on the list, which is Iowa, has a 6.8 percent unemployment rate.

best employment rates

Source: Best Therapy Degrees

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