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The plagiarism battle: PlagSpotter Vs CopyScape

I recently found a duplicate content finder that is very powerful. I got it from a post rescooped by Robin Good in and i decided to give it a try. In this article i will going to compare PlagSpotter and CopyScape (basic versions, not premium).

You know… in this blog 80% of the content is submitted by guest authors and we prefer unique content over copied/grabbed content over the Internet. I have been asked to write a brief rview about PlagSpotter and i always do what i claim.

You’ll be surprised to see what’s my favorite plagiarism checker. There are a few differences between them.

CopyScape is very fast and produce good results. Plagspotter is slower than CopyScape but… They have different algorithms and that’s obvious. So how can we test them? Easy. Give them a guest article and let’s see what are they able to find.

I have received a guest article today and as always, i check for duplicate content… i checked first with copyscape then with plagspotter. You can see the results below:



As you can see from the screenshot above, CopyScape didn’t find anything bad here. But…





PlagSpotter found a 20% of non-unique content that appears in multiple sources!

PlagSpotter algorithm goes much more deeper than CopyScape, it’s simply amazing what it can do and it’s a mistery how can discover such duplicate information. But if you click on the links it provides in the report, you really find the duplicate content!

That simply means that articles is probably re-spinned / re-edited and it is not real unique content but just a re-spinned content from somewhere.

There isn’t much more to tell you, you see the screenshots. You can also try yourself. Just go to and check with your eyes.

Another difference is that CopyScape offers limited scans within a month, PlagSpotter does not. You can use it everytime as i do everyday.

But the real power of PlagSpotter is when you subscribe to a paid account.After you login you can find the Dashboard where you can insert urls or domains to monitor:


In the Settings you can choose the email notification frequency. You will get automatically notified if PlagSpotter finds duplicate content:


To summarize: PlagSpotter is a must have for all websites and blogs. You should try it to understand how powerful is. I highly suggest you all to include this service in your arsenal to have the freedom to post and get immediately notified if your content is grabbed and reposted elsewhere.

Official website:

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  1. Majority of the online websites show only duplicate content, but plagspotter also enables you to protect your content, along with a regular scanning. That is certainly an advantage.

    December 29, 2012 at 5:37 pm Reply

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