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Social Media Marketing: Twitter Versus Facebook

According to James Martell, successful internet entrepreneur and host of the longest running podcast on affiliate marketing, called “The Affiliate Buzz”: with Twitter stats of over 500 million users in 2012 that tweet 340 billion times daily, and make 1.4 billion search queries daily, Twitter is one of the primary tools businesses have been using to build social media platforms.

With those numbers there’s no denying it, and according to social media expert and instructor at, Stephanie Lichtenstein, it’s only becoming more mainstream as time goes on.

We used to see these numbers and this interest with Facebook. It’s come a long way from a simple networking site for peers, friends and family, to a meeting place for like-minds in business and industry.

Still, Twitter’s taken the lead for a few reasons that Lichtenstein delves into, and that will be gone into a bit more detail here to be sure that business owners and entrepreneurs know exactly how they can use Twitter to really boost their social media marketing campaign.

twitter versus facebook

Lord of The #Hashtags

Unlike what’s used on Facebook, Twitter developers have conjured up a completely novel search system that does an excellent job promoting interaction between users while simultaneously finding the information they want.

It’s a hashtag system, for which people only have to put a pound sign before a word, name, or phrase, without any spaces. This makes that tag clickable, so everyone in the world who’s using twitter can view the conversation people are having about the topic.

So how does this work for social media marketing? Well, if you hashtag your brand name in an ad, you automatically make your brand interactive by inviting conversation.

Twitter users know and understand hashtags well. If you create it, they’ll know they can use it, and if they have something to say about your brand or business, they’ll know they can say it on twitter using the hashtag.

Twitter is About Conversation

While Facebook users tend to want to know people personally before they allow them to see their pictures and life, Twitter is more impersonal with photos, which actually allows people to be more personal with one another in conversation.

What pulls people to Twitter is being able to share news, stories, thoughts and opinions with one another, not being able to share pictures, location, and personal details. This is better for the business owner because it isn’t as difficult to gain access to people and networks. All you need to have is a common interest, not a common friend.

Topics Are Brand Related

Twitter allows easy access into conversation about brand-related topics. Lichtenstein, on Coffee Talk, tells of a scenario involving a business that sells Epsom salts to athletes having an advantage during the #Olympics.

This is naturally because the business and the Olympics had something in common: athletes.This is a great way for businesses to tap into the minds and networks of their target markets to promote their brand, product and/or service.

Monitor Conversations About Your Brand

As said before, when a Twitter user types a hashtag, it becomes a clickable link. When someone clicks the link they are directed to a timeline (or conversation) of every tweet that has been posted that contains the same hashtag. This is a great tool for businesses to use to monitor what people are saying about their brand.

When you use Twitter, be sure to have a standard hashtag for your business name, such as #coffeetalk, and for your promotions and products as well. This is a great way for you to see if someone else has caught on to the trend you’re attempting to set, and you can see if they are talking about your business.

What makes it even better is that you can see exactly what people are saying when they do mention the hashtag. Sometimes your target audience won’t give you direct feedback, but through Twitter you can see what they’re saying to someone else about your business, which is still serves the purpose.

When you use Twitter to promote your business and brand, you’re automatically gaining free access to 500 million active users. You’re also gaining easy access directly to your target audience with the use of hashtags, and you’re able to keep an eye on what your audience is saying about you and your business.

There are no other social networks that operate quite the way that Twitter does, which has allowed it to become a powerhouse in social media marketing for business owners and entrepreneurs, not just in select countries, but all over the world.

Ease of Integration

One great thing about sites like Twitter and Facebook is that because they’re so popular, tech developers have made it easier to integrate them with other websites.

One of the best platforms to use is WordPress, because you can purchase a high quality professional theme and turn your WordPress “blog” into an actual business website, with a great professional layout and more plugins than you can imagine.

What makes WordPress unique is that it still keeps the cool features of blogs, which is to easily update Twitter every time you update your site. If you’ve never heard of this before you should look into not only WordPress, but also WordPress Genesis Themes.

About the author: Tori Reid is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. She believes in connecting with people through words, art, music, and super bowl commercials. Her favorite time of year is dog park season. Concerning her writing, she is a niche writer on internet marketing, and uses many websites, such as  as resources when researching for articles.

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