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Smart Way of Using Linkedin to Promote Your Small Business

Using social media is a good way to promote your small business. Websites such as LinkedIn offer several different methods you can use to promote your business online and draw new customers or clients to your business. Using the tips outlined below will help you leverage the powers of LinkedIn to grow your small business.

Create a Company Page

The first step you should take when looking to promote your small business via LinkedIn is to create a page for your business. You will realize two benefits when you create your company page.

The first benefit is an increase of organic search traffic to your LinkedIn company page as search engines such as Google seem to love LinkedIn and will serve these pages up in their search results quite frequently.

using linkedin

If you include some good keywords in your company’s description, your LinkedIn profile will appear in the search engines quite frequently.

When creating your company page, you will also want to include detailed contact information so anyone visiting your page will know how to reach you.

Also, include feeds from your Twitter account and blog so your LinkedIn company page is updated frequently. An up to date LinkedIn page will be more appealing to visitors who are coming to your company’s page for the first time.


This tip may seem simple but few companies actually use it. Networking with other business professionals and companies via LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business. Using this technique can help you learn about local events going on in your area that you can attend so you can network offline.

The more people you meet in the business world the better your chances become of getting your company’s name out there along with all of the benefits your company can provide consumers or clients.

Importing your contacts from other email programs will help you see if you know anyone else already using LinkedIn. Connecting with your friends and current business associates on LinkedIn will allow you to join their social circles and help raise awareness of your company.

Since LinkedIn allows you to import your email contacts from several different programs, this step is very easy to complete.

Ask for Positive Reviews

Social proof that your business provides an excellent service or outstanding products can really help increase the amount of business that you do. Asking your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews about your business on your LinkedIn profile page can help your company show to the rest of the world that it provides a quality service or product.

When someone visiting your LinkedIn company page sees other customers or clients have been satisfied doing business with you in the past, they will be more likely to reach out to your company to see if you can help them with their

Establish Credibility

Perhaps the best way to promote your small business via LinkedIn is to participate in the community. Answering questions on LinkedIn Answers, participating in groups and sharing useful information on the site are all great ways you can establish credibility for your business.

When you are able to demonstrate to others that you know what you are talking about, you will be viewed as an industry expert. This will help you build trust with consumers and potential clients, allowing you to easily convert these people from leads to paying customers.

LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool for any small business if utilized correctly. Creating a LinkedIn page for your company, networking with other business professionals and participating in the community are all ways you can use LinkedIn to effectively promote your small business.

About the author: Ben Sawyer is a passionate blogger and social media marketing strategist. He is currently working as a SMM consultant for New York real estate community. Ben often blogging about SMM and SEO. You can follow Ben on Twitter and stay updated about new Ben’s articles.

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