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Points To Consider When Choosing Promotional Products

Keeping several different types of promotional products on hand is a wise move if you want to get the name of your business in front of more consumers.

These handy giveaways are great for use at trade shows, local chamber of commerce meetings and even for employees to hand out to prospects. With so many different product ideas on the market today, it helps to determine which ones will be most effective in promoting your business name and products.

To that end, it helps to ask a few questions before you start ordering any customized products.

promotional products

Are the Products Practical? 

The general idea behind using giveaway products to promote your business is that you want the recipient to constantly have the name and contact information of your company within easy reach. This cannot be done if the giveaway is something that will provide a moment of amusement and is then tucked away in a drawer.

Ideally, the products you choose to emblazon with your logo and contact data will be something that the recipient will see and use every day. That leads to reinforcement and name recognition which helps to increase the visibility of your business.

There are a number of products that will achieve this goal. A blotter sized calendar works wonders for keeping your company name in front of clients and prospects throughout the year. Note pads are also helping since the client sees your company name every time there is a need to jot down a quick note.

Even pens and pencils are still popular items for promotions. The common bond is that they are all items that see constant use and get your name in front of the consumer at least once a day.

Are the Items Fun?

While practicality is essential, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the products at the same time. For example, they don’t always have to be intended for use in the office alone. Do you find that your targeted niche of consumers include a lot of people who like to play golf?

Consider purchasing ball markers that are customized with your company logo. A golf towel with the company name and contact information would also work. Don’t overlook the potential of portable items like coffee mugs and insulated cups. When the item can be used outside the office, that means more people see your company name and may even ask a question or two.

Are the Products Relevant to Your Targeting Consumer Market?

It is possible to purchase promotional products that cost next to nothing. Other products will cost a great deal per unit. Both are perfectly acceptable options, providing they have the potential to create the buzz necessary to generate interest in your goods and services. For this reason, it helps to consider the potential of the products before placing an order.

Understanding your customers will help make it easier to choose the right type of products for promotion. Think in terms of how the product would help you reach people who are highly likely to buy the goods you have to offer.

Consider demographics such as age, gender, economic level and location, and go with products that will have some meaning for those targeted customers. This means that while customized Frisbees may be a great item in some settings, they will be of little use if your company happens to manufacture fishing lures.

About the author: These tips were brought to you on behalf of White Paper Co., the leading manufacturer of promotional apparel in Vancouver & surrounding areas.

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