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Little Known Social Media Tools That Empower Your Business

The world of social media is the new wave of marketing. Whether you are an advertising whiz with a marketing degree or you are just starting a small business, your endeavors can be enriched by utilizing social media.

Engaging in social media often has little or no cost, especially compared to the significant resources needed to reach consumers through other channels.

Every time your content is shared in the social media universe, your business benefits. The number of “likes,” “followers,” and “shares” on your social media assets can impact your image as a trusted brand.

There’s scarcely a soul in business that isn’t familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, and the other major players.

Although developing a presence on these networks is a step in the right direction, it’s often not enough to get over that plateau of networking that divides the rookies from the masters. To maximize the power of these well-known tools, consider using one or more of the following.

Social Media tools

1. TweetReach
With this tool, you can search for keywords, usernames, phrases, tweet texts, and URLs. After a couple of moments, TweetReach delivers a calculation of that term’s coverage on Twitter.

You can use this tool to analyze your own Twitter campaigns and see the path of the conversations that you begin. You gain increased appreciation for what other people think about your search term. TweetReach can perform some tasks for free while certain tasks require a paid subscription.

2. HootSuite
This tool is a perfect fit to manage various social media accounts from one dashboard. HootSuite allows you to post immediately or to schedule posts in advance. In addition, you have access to a thorough analysis of who’s reading your posts.

Post more effectively by taking into account gender and location demographics. The free version can be helpful, but more functionality comes with the paid service. Once your business gets off the ground, you’ll probably want to pay for the extra tools.

3. Tweriod
This tool looks at your tweets and those of your followers in order to provide you with feedback on the ideal times for you to tweet. By knowing when to tweet, you can maximize the odds of your followers reading and even retweeting your tweets. Tweriod helps you avoid getting lost in the constant flow of tweets while very few of your followers are online.

4. VerticalResponse Social Media Platform
Creating relevant content is easy with VerticalResponse. This tool helps you quickly manage multiple social media applications. You can even create and share coupons for easy promotions. For improvement over time, review analyses of how your posts are working.

5. Sprout Social
Managing Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is simple and effective with Sprout Social. The patented “Optimal Send Time” tool helps you tweet when your followers will respond best.

Within 24 hours of opening an account, Sprout Social assesses your follower demographics. Using these and other statistics, this tool recommends changes to help you reach a more relevant audience more effectively. There are various paid plans available.

6. Postling
This tool helps you manage multiple accounts with ease, and it does so quite affordably. The most unique part of this tool is its notification feature. You receive instant alerts whenever your business is reviewed on Yelp, TripAdvisor, CitySearch, and other such sites.

In addition, you are notified whenever your chosen terms are used on certain sites. This helps you stay in the loop with consumer engagement.

7. Percolate
For engaging content that fits your brand, Percolate is a wonderful tool. It allows you to create an “interest graph” to better help Percolate understand your brand.

Algorithms reveal quality content for you to integrate while you develop creative content. This tool is goal-oriented, so it is perfect for a business trying to develop a strong campaign with measurable objectives.

When choosing social media tools to help you strive for entrepreneurial excellence, the key is to choose tools that make social networking simpler. By using too many tools or tools that exceed your needs, you can become confused and distracted from meeting your business goals.

Choose wisely, and select the platforms that work best for your particular business. After all, the world of social media is all about creating a positive brand identity and getting the word out to those who will appreciate your unique brand. Good luck!

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