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How To Use Articles To Market Your Website

Believe it or not article writing is a simple, effective and cost free way of promoting your website to a worldwide audience. Providing that you are providing readers with well researched high quality and informative articles that people will want to read of course.

Your articles can link back to your main website, or you can use them to keep your site updated provided that you are writing about related topics.  Plus once you submit your articles to a number of article directories links to your website will be spread across the globe thus increasing the traffic that clicks through to your website.

Unique, Quality Content

If you have ever tried to research an article, or even find a solution to a problem that you have been struggling with, you will know how frustrating it is to find the same old material rehashed and reworded in order to make it look unique.

What you need to do is write an article that contains unique information, that stands out from the rest and gets you noticed. Pick your subject, do your research, see what other people have written on the subject and then come up with your own unique slant on the topic.

If you are coming up with ways of resolving an issue or providing information in an easy to read, clear and concise way, people are more likely to read your work.

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Keep Your Website Up to Date

Once you have an audience you need to work hard to keep it. Make sure that you frequently update your website, either with new articles that you have written or unique, niche relevant content for your site.

People will be following the links back from the articles that you have posted around the web, and they do not want to see a site that is stagnating from a lack of fresh posts.

The more often you add new and unique information to your site the more it becomes attractive to search engines, so ensure that you use wording that has plenty of keywords that will keep the search engines happy and pull in more unique visitors.

Use Article Directories

When you write articles to promote your site make sure that you submit them to a number of article directories. The more the backlinks to your store appear on well managed, regularly updated and high ranking websites the more your site will benefit, not only from increased traffic but also from the increase in value your site will be seen to have from being associated with a site of a higher rank.

Bear in mind though that some article directories will not accept work that has been published elsewhere, and will only take unique pieces that you should not then submit anywhere else.

There are obvious benefits to using article directories, though it can be quite a time consuming task researching, writing and then submitting them for publication. However there are writing services available online that can do the job for you if you wish.

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