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How to Smart Searching Google [Infographic]

Smart Searching Google is not performed very often. Most people don’t know how to properly do a search in Google. They just write directly what they need and hope to get what they need. A  research conducted on students shows 3 of 4 students are not able to “smart search” on Google.

This Infographic explains some of the most useful search operators you should use everyday in order to get your search results faster and better. You can also find an advanced use of operators here.

For example:


1. Search pages on a site. Use the site: operator;

2. Search an exact phrase. Use the ” “ symbols: “best social media tips”

3. Exclude a term from a search. Use the - symbol: - something to exclude

4. Search for a file type. Use the filetype: operator: filetype:pdf

and so on. After you make some practice you will start using them and your searches will run faster and will get you results in a matter of time.

smart searching Google

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