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How to Search, Monitor, Analyze and Target your Social Stream

What if you could have a way to Search, Monitor, Analyze, Target and Engage your Social Stream in real time? Wouldn’t it be awesome? Of course. I’m going to show you an amazing online FREE web service that will cover all your social needs. The service is written in HTML5 and Javascript and all the operations and computing are performed at client-side.

In other words, it’s a social business intelligence service that will help you to search and browse for information. This service makes the process smarter. You can setup your customized stream and content to find relevant and useful information from social networks.

It currently supports: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer and Google Reader (RSS feeds as well). More services will be available and planned to be included like Google+, once they have a full API, and networks like Quora, FourSquare, YouTube, Flickr, etc.

You can view your real-time feed and post to it.It knows how to properly filter the stream. You can even add rules and use the intelligent assistant which provides info and suggestions based on your favorite topics.

After you login with your social account (ex: Twitter), you get the Dashboard that looks like this:


As you can see you have the navigation menu on the left with your linked accounts. The top or recent links right now, the relevant tags (trending topics), images, recent comments and much more.

From Bottlenose (company page):

Bottlenose is not a search engine, it’s a Now EngineTM. It scans the present and shows you a live view of activity. It makes sense of what’s happening now, and helps you discover what’s important as it happens, not after the fact.

Use Bottlenose to spot real-time trends, track interests, measure conversations, analyze keywords, target influencers, and dive in where and when you want to. Stop drowning in the stream and start surfing it!

Find the knowledge base HERE for more information

Furthermore you can use Bottlenose for different purposes like:

  • Keyword research: it’s very important to know what’s being said about your topics.
  • Hash-tag search: use optimal hash-tags within your tweets
  • Perception analysis: write topics people are interested in and check what people are saying
  • Marketing: get ideas to write about

How it works

  • Bottlenose generates a dynamic semantic interest graph about every topic, link and person on the Stream, using a new patent-pending platform for social listening, analytics, and trend detection, called the StreamOSTM.
  • The StreamOS does natural-language processing, semantic classification, sentiment detection, analytics, rules automation, attention profiling, trend detection, and personalization. It ranks topics and trends using StreamSenseTM, a new algorithm that measures attention.
  • The StreamOS connects with many different social networks and data streams — Twitter, Facebook, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn, RSS feeds, and more. It’s easy to connect new streams and networks to it.
  • The entire StreamOS platform is written entirely in Javascript and HTML5. It compresses down to the size of a photo and can instantly download and run in the browser for distributed “crowd computing,” or can run in the cloud using Node.js

Official Bottlenose website

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