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How to increase Dropbox space for free [Updated]

This guide will tell you how to increase Dropbox space for free. Dropbox is one of the best cloud services on the Internet.With Dropbox you can store files, documents, videos, pictures and more and carry them everywhere.  You can automatically synchronize all data with your PC, Mobile Phone or Web.

Dropbox makes easy to share your stuff with friends, family, colleagues. This will be very useful for collaboration, work, projects and more. You are always protected. If your PC gets lost ot corrupted you can immediately resynchronize data to a new PC or access directly though a web interface. I like Dropbox and i use it for my everyday activities.

Unfortunately Dropbox offers only 2GB online storage that’s not cool if you have a reasonable amount of data to store. 2GB are not much if you have pictures, videos and big files. However Dropbox gives us some ways to increase the basic available storage. You could buy a Pro account (and you should if you really like it and want more from it) but let’s see if there are other ways to increase it for free.

Dropbox offers different ways to increase Dropbox space for free. But there are other ways we will discuss later:

1. Refer a friend: Dropbox gives you 500MB for every friend you refer up to 16GB. I have used my referral link here because if you signup using a referral link you also get 500MB for free.

2. Complete the Start tour: after you complete the Start tour you get an additional 250MB free space:

increase dropbox space

3. Connect your Facebook  account to get other 125MB of free online space.

4. Connect your Twitter account will give 125MB as well.

5. Follow Dropbox on Twitter will give other 125MB.

6. Tell them why do you love Dropbox will give 125MB.

7. A referral sent out from an EDU email adress gives you both additional 500MB. Read here.

8. Use Camera Upload to get other 3GB of free space. Read here.

Update – Limited time offer: Earn free Dropbox space for everyone at your school! Sign up to get an extra 3 GB for two years, plus the space your school earns! From October 15, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (“PT”) to December 10, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. PT (the “Sign-Up Period”). Read more HERE

Update Nov 12, 2012: We’d like to hear what your Dropbox story is. We think it’s worth sharing with a growing community, now over 100 million strong. If it’s one of our hundred favorites, we’ll give you 10 GB for life. And if it’s one of our top ten favorites, we’ll give you 100 GB for life. Read more here.

Important: you can post your referrals links in the comments below so everyone can contribute and help to grab free storage space.

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