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How to Get Started with QR Code Marketing

QR (Quick Response) code marketing has caught the business world by storm with almost every modern-day company adopting it in some manner.

The recent capability of existing smartphones to decipher such codes has only augmented theenthusiasm with millions of U.S. users per month.

If your firm’s a late entrant and poised to join the QR code bandwagon, presented below are handy tips on the most favorable QR code opening gambit:

qr code marketing

1. Planning is Key: Before blindly foraying into QR code marketing, it is imperative determine your marketing objectives. You have to take into account several factors such as customer profile, product nature, business segment dynamics, advertising thrust, and the type of content embedded in the code.All parameters can then be easily tracked and corrective action taken in case of changes.

Once your objectives have been defined, you can then organize, recruit, direct, and control resources in an enhanced manner.

2. Adopt the Best Technology: Ascertain that all your company QR codes are readable and easily accessible by your target customers as indeed the devices that they use. It is prudent to utilize the finest QR code knowhow to improve marketing prospects.

3. Choose Winning Designs: Standardblack and white codes are a dime a dozen nowadays. Have your company adopt new-age QR codes with facets such as colors, special shapes, icons, and more delicate edges. These will not only look visually appealing but will also entice more buyers.

4. Have a Total Revenue Focus: You must be as persuasive as possible in order to boost sales. To achieve this, it is worthwhile to headline your QR codes with compelling text to attract potential customers. It is also highly recommended tooffer code-embedded inducements to generate more demand. Your organization should look towards progressively increasing the scan numbers as well as lengthening the duration users spend during scans.

5. Operate a Dedicated Web Site: By maintaining a separate web site devoted to QR code marketing, you can hone it with specific functionalities. End users will be benefitted by a clearer interface, speedier processing, and better information provision. Your firm may employ one of the many online resources available to establish a discrete QR code site.

6. Maintain Updated Records: It is useful to catalog all QR transactions methodically and keep an updated database. Daily customer and usage patterns can be studied to analyze trends and trigger remedial action if necessary. There ought to be a seamless interface between your QR code site and the catalog database.

7. Employ Creative Techniques: For anefficaciousQR code campaign, your company would do well to explore the gamut of ingenious options available to heighten visibility and revenue. These could encompass:

  • Placing QR codes in non-business locations frequented by potential customers such as cinemas, sidewalks, restaurants, and supermarkets.
  • Enabling higher capacity QR codes in order to display comprehensive information about your company’s products and services.
  • Tying up with other concerns to cross-market one another’s QR codes.
  • Offering QR codes as a route to interactive events like live shows and competitions with prizes.
  • Lacing QR codes with appealing multimedia links for gifting purposes and during the holiday season.

8. Monitor External Media: Youshould constantly view QR code-related comments and feedback posted on other platforms like social media sites, television, print media, and even competitor web sites. This information can reveal your code’s popularity and prove immenselyadvantageous in decision making.

So go on – follow the above guidelines to crack the cipher of QR code marketingsuccess!

About the author: Heather Protz, a freelance writer for – offers full home security to help protect your family, assets from burglary and other crimes.

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