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How to engage your Social Media audience for staggering results

Social Media Engagement is quite easy to understand as “concept”. Engagement is when you keep a relationship with your Social Media audience, you follow them, you reply to them, you connect with them, you provide inspiring content to them, in other words: you engage them.

One of the most important factor is the call to action that is different from the traditional marketing concept. In Social Engagement, the call to action is participation. the more you are involved with your social audience, the more business will come.

I suggest you to spend a few amount of time on a regular basis by doing Social Engagement. After you learn the tactics and how to do it, it will not take too much time.

social media engagement

Let’s start with a few engagement stats:

  • 71% of administrators use photos to entice their audience
  • Only 11% have a social media strategy that they think is “awesome”
  • 17% say their social media strategy is terrible
  • 38% have never tried a contest

Staggering isn’t it?

Ok but how to properly do it? Which are the steps or rules to follow?Are there awesome tips to use?

Be transparent and tell the truth. the value of trust increased over the past few years and customers pay a lot of attention to it. Share ideas with your employees by using a blog and use the same communication system with your customers.

Post regularly quality content. Show interest and give suggestions, reply to your customers even if you get negative feedback. Remember: ALWAYS respond! Build your trust. A company that engages is generally better than those who don’t from customers perspective and having ablog is the first basic step.

Measure how many times you are talked about, your fans, followers, retweets, mentions, inbound links and how do you compare to the competition.This can give important information about how are you performing.

Don’t overshare, be careful, make a calendar and plan what and when you are posting. If you overshare too much you can turn off your audience and loose engagement. That’s definitely what we don’t want to see.

Find and filter relevant content, discover what people is talking about, check the latest trends and topics. You can use  social media tools like, Bottlenose, Veeoz etc.. that will help you a lot in doing such work. Here is a good list of free social media tools.

Make videos, interviews and presentations: How to videos, slideshare presentations, publish PDFs and offer them for free, publish free reports, white papers, case studies, podcasts, Live radio shows, and more to come…

Tip: realize an infographic (you can use for this, there are some cool sellers that will give you good infographics for a few bucks or pay for a professional company for that but that will cost a lot more..).

Check and follow influencers, start reading and sharing what they post, contact them and introduce yourself when you are ready. Ask them if they are available for a webinar or an interview. You can grab awesome content this way to share with your audience and get more attention.

Create your personality: not too corporate and not merely human. Work on this. Be enthusiast and creative. That will help you to emerge from your competitors as well.

Last but not least: i’ll give you another tip by sharing 100 Ways to Engage In Social Media post from Salesforce that will give you a lot more ideas you can start working with.

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