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How to discover, create and curate great content with Spundge

Spundge is a great online service for journalists (and everyone else) you can use to search, discover, share, curate and even create better and great content.

It gives you useful features to save time and publish information similarly to Storify in posts.

You create notebooks to organize content (like Evernote).

After that you can add streams from different sources and filter them by keywork, time, location and language.

You can save items in the notebooks and even save clippings from the web.

You can associate social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, RSS feeds and Instagram.


Discover and filter:

Create a Spundge Notebook to stay on top of a topic, person, company or interest. Spundge Notebooks deliver a stream of relevant content from news sources, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and SoundCloud.

Curate and Collaborate:

Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate on Notebooks and discover and save new items. Collaborators receive notifications when new content is saved, and can add comments to Notebook items.

Stream and Publish:

Transform your Notebook into a real-time stream you can embed anywhere on the web. Share what you’re reading, or curate a real-time newswire about a breaking event or topic of interest.


“For a lot of journalists we have a few different ways of gathering information for stories, one might be interviewing people, working sources we have, but a lot of the times we’re actually seeing what other people have reported or what’s on social media and really bringing that together to synthesise something new”

They also offer a Pro subscription (which costs $9 a month per person) you can use to share notebooks with your collegaues, create stories and see changes in real time, drag and drop from the notebook into the text window.

The software even hooks into WordPress for publishing but it’s not meant as a cms replacement.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that Spundge is a transformative piece of technology on par with, say, Twitter.” — Christopher Mims, Technology and Science correspondent, Quartz.

 Spundge official website

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