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Google+ in 2013: Time to Start Paying Attention?

It would be hard to deny Google Plus’ (Google+) growing influence in the social media and network schematic. According to CNet last September, the search engine-turned-Internet deity had ranked in about 400 million users, with 25% of them being classified as active.

Four months would of course mean a growing figure, especially with the way in which Google gets users to join.

People have long been complaining about the aggressive nature of Google’s enlistment of Google+ users, since using any type of Google service means having an account created for them. Many of these accounts idly sit on their own, never having any content added whatsoever. What should they really expect though?

While Google has claimed the default verb of “searching” something – Googling it – you would seldom hear a person that you just met say “I’ll add you on Google+”.

google+ in 2013

That is what Facebook is for, who serves as the main competitor of Google+. While some find Google’s measures to attract users a bit undesirable, there is really no use in complaining, and I am far from the only one who believes this.

As stated by Chris Crum of Web Pro News, Google is far from a search engine anymore. Their undying mission to Manifest Destiny in all facets of the Internet have never quite deteriorated, and we see their competitor base only rise year after year.

Is there really a competition between the two mythical Internet beasts? Not really at all – they are just both really good at what they do, and the way that they connect people is done so in an incomparable way. Facebook acts a “stand alone” social network; what you do on Facebook is strictly what you do on Facebook. At least that is how it is for right now.

Google however has taken Google+ beyond just the one sidedness of a social network. What you do on Google+ is not just what you do on Google+ – it is what you do on Google, and Gmail, and Google Maps, and Google Shopping and so on.

This general, uniformed brand Google has created with Google+ is much larger that people might actually think. As Google’s power continues to grow, there can be no direction for Google+ than up. I do believe that 2013 could be the year that people start really paying attention to all of it.

I mean really, just accept the fact that nothing can really stop Google these days, not even an FTC investigation.

In many countries, Google is the go-to on the Internet. They have succeeded in creating a cohesive “Google Persona” for everyone, and Google+ serves as a sort of powerhouse where all of that information is stored. With Gmail, which is being used on a massive scale, you’re basically using a part of Google+ probably without really even knowing it.

This is just one example that showcases the completeness of Google+, and how well the company has allowed it to fit with the rest of their services. People value this type of Google Persona, partly because there is no use in ignoring it.

Think about how much you log in with your Google information on so many sites and services – your YouTube comments are connected to your Google+ profile. Same thing goes for if you’re utilizing Google AdWords, Analytics, and all of the other seemingly limitless services.

The value that we get out of Google+ is going to be just as hard to ignore as the value it is already providing us, and this is how Google+ is going to rise from the smoke screen that currently looks to be taking it over.

No, it will never beat out Facebook on the billion user scale – and guess what? It does not have to at all either. It will continue to grow in its uniform quality, and we will depend on the information that gets stored on it in way that we have not quite yet come to expect.

Next time you log into Gmail, pay attention to all of the various options that you have at the black bar at the top of the screen. That is all Google+ at work for you, and nothing is getting left out at all.

You’re not being forced into anything like most people want to believe, and really, it would be foolish to not want to complete package that Google has provided for you without really having to think about it. Just go with it, and you’ll find that there is really no reason to stress at all.

About the author: Ezra Melino is a writer on social media, development, Internet and more. Follow him on Twitter @DX3tech.

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