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Developing your CRM? 3 successful ways businesses use Pinterest

#1 Companies update their Pinboards consistently

Because Pinterest is free to use it can be updated daily without cost to the company and before long growing numbers of followers will be visiting your boards to check out new pins.  There is no limit to the number of boards you can create, or the variety of themes you can choose to focus on.  It you have several different customer profiles you can set up Pinboards to appeal to their tastes, preferences and buying habits.

#2 They Pin images creatively

It’s possible to upload images from your own resources, including phone and computer, or from other pinboards around the site which add quality and interest to your boards.  The more original the content the better and you will get more followers if you build a reputation for new material rather than pinning what’s already on there.  You can add links on your pins back to your website. Adding a ‘Pin it’ button to your site encourages Pinners to mention you on their own boards and helps maximise your online CRM.  Being easy to contact and find online is half the battle with a successful CRM system.

Businesses use Pinterest

#3 They avoid just posting advertising

Self-promotion is really easy to spot on Pinterest and from an online CRM point of view you will gain fewer followers if you appear to be pinning images solely related to selling your products or services.  The trick is to be imaginative in the approach you take and show customers innovative ways to use what you have to offer to enhance their lives.  The mainly female demographic of Pinterest means it works particularly well for CRM which is aimed at this type of market.

Here are some examples of businesses which could especially benefit from online CRM using Pinterest, but of course there is no reason why other types of business could not use this relatively new social networking site too:

  • Events planning boards – such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays…why not show customers interesting ideas for how your products fit into their next special event, without simple telling them to buy.
  • Health, fitness and well-being – Get to know how your customers like to stay fit and what they like to eat and provide suggestions which will add to their lifestyle, or encourage aspirational buying behavior.
  • Family, relationships and children – Demonstrate how your products or services could fit in, without going for the hard sell.  Perhaps put together montages of clothes and accessories, inspiring quotes, home design and homeware which can make life easier and provide makeover suggestions, documented with original pictures.
  • Leisure time – If your target audience loves to travel, gather pictures from around the world to stimulate their appetite for holidays and exploration. Build on online CRM by suggesting travel itineraries, sights to see around the world and ways to make travel easier or more affordable.
  • Food and eating out – Recipes suggestions, menu planning and tips for entertaining can be inspiring for your growing band of pinners, who will appreciate your time and effort as long as it isn’t blatant advertising for your business.  Online CRM can be quite a subtle process, helped by your generous encouragement and welcome for other pinners to contribute to your boards.

George Jackson works for one of the top CRM companies in Europe – WebCRM. If you are on the look for some quality advice about CRM visit the company’s blog

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