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Data Theft: The Grinch’s favorite activity for 2012 [Infographic]

Year 2012 has seen one of the most cunning, evil and scheming Grinch, which has stealthily breached data more than 800 times. Every company is faced with a Grinch one way or the other, which masters the art of stealing the most secured data from the depths of your company’s network system.

Try not to fall for the tactics of the green Grinch, who is waiting for you to miss a step, so that it can steal away your data.

Data is precious, the internet is expanding at ever increasing speeds and menacing figures haunt every nook and cranny of it. It can be tough to keep our data safe and guarded at this point in time.

You may be thinking that the Grinch-like threats are simply fairytales but a closer look at this year’s data breach investigations report will tell you otherwise!

data theft


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