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Content aggregation vs content curation: How to compare?

There are a lot of differences between Content Curation and Content Aggregation. Content curation is the new trend nowadays but it should be done correctly and properly in order to deliver real advantages, brand awareness and thought leadership.

Let’s have a look to the main differences to understand when content curation begins to be the right tactic as opposed to content aggregation that is taking place from ages.

Content Aggregation: Getting together in one single place different pieces of online information so that someone can access them from a single URL. That can be automatic or manual. Pieces of content doesnt not need to have anything in common.

Content Curation: It is the process of discovering, gathering, adding value, presenting and making accesible a set of contents, despite its formats (video, audio, text, images…), which describe or define a topic or matter from the point of view of the content curator.

This can be done automatically, but I don’t know any services that do it right so I will not mention them. From my point of view this process required manual intervention (for now). Services that help to do this can be,,, etc..

Content Moderation: Mainly in forums, but can be applied to any site in which discussions between members can occur (newspapers opinion lists, boards, tc…), some kind of moderation has to ocurr to avoid publishing something which goes against the terms & conditions agreement of that particular site, like sex, insults, pornography comments, spam, etc…

The role who comands this process is the Forum/Board/moderator and he will approve or dismiss comments or even ban certain users for bad behaviour.

content curation

Content Aggregation involves two steps:

1. Identifying the most relevant content sources for the specific context

2. Collecting and presenting to readers everything that these content sources publish. At the consumer level, the most recognized content aggregation product is the RSS reader, which allows users to specify the sources they wish to follow and then see everything that those sources publish.

Content Curation, is the act of selecting individual pieces of content that are most relevant to the subject matter and audience.  On a consumer level, every time someone shares a link via email, Twitter, Facebook or other favorite sharing tool, they are, effectively practicing content curation.

Content curation can either be done manually, by reviewing all content that is aggregated, or automatically, by setting rules and search parameters and allowing an algorithm to pick the best content pieces.

Using aggregation, curators find the most valuable content to set aside and share with their audiences. As an added trust measure, curators generally include their thoughts on the piece.

That way, the audience knows the curator has verified the quality of the article. It also helps the curator give his or her ‘spin,’ satisfying in a small way the “thought leadership” goal of content marketing.

Savvy companies and communications pros understand that content pulled from a plethora of sources should be categorized by curators who:

  • Know their audience, readers, and brands
  • Keep abreast of trends, twists, and turns in a specific niche
  • Pay close attention to articles, chats, interviews, videos, and conversations to discover the ‘buzz of the hour/day’
  • Discern the junk from the gems
  • Monitor trade associations and industry events
  • Recognize news when it happens because their radar is always on and they trust their intuition
  • Feel generally curious and enjoy soaking up information like a sponge
  • Compile a series of valuable and reliable information knowing that their readers trust their judgment and enjoy the blend of quality content they gather
  • Understand that by doing these tasks on a regular basis they become a credible source of content and news within a specific area
  • Become the people who decide what’s worthy of your time and attention

Feel free to submit your comments below to tell us what do you think about content curation and content aggregation.

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