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Bing It On: is Bing really better than Google?

What is Bing It On? It is a new campaign started by Microsoft to convince users Bing is better than Google. Microsoft claims Bing engine and search results have been improved during the past years and now they are ready to challenge Google. They commissioned a study involving 1,000 users and the result was Bing won on search preferences and relevant results.

Bing It On  lets users to compare side-by-side search results from both Google and Bing. You type 5 queries and you select a winner. Microsoft intentions are serious if they started to challenge Google. Most people use Google as default search engine and never have a look to Bing because they do not consider as good as Google.

Microsoft is also promoting this campaign via nationwide TV and online advertising and they are also thinking to extend the campaign to the Microsoft Stores and Bing It On stations in the US. They also launched Bing It On sweeptakes and you can have a look here.

It seems Microsoft is still tracking user via Internet Explorer as stated by Google few time ago. Tracking users via Internet Explorer??? Sure they did and they probably still do to help Bing select the proper search engine result pages and improve ranking (what you get when writing something in Bing).

Bing It On

A Google engineer sad:

Last time I checked, it looked like Bing was still using clicks on Google search results as a signal in Bing’s rankings.

I have tried Bing It On to check if it is really better than Google. I have tried tech related keywords choosen randomly and to be honest Google won 5-0. Bing is a good search engine but they should vastly improve it before launching sensational marketing campaigns like that.

Anyway, you can try yourself to make a comparison side-by-side and we would be happy to hear from you, what do you think about Bing and if the Bing It On search results are REALLY better or if it’s only a campaign to attract more people to Bing without offering any real benefit from using it.

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