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Best ways to scale up Content Curation

There is a new trend in the Internet Marketing industry that is content curation. One of the biggest problem involved in content curation is the scalability of the current human-based curation processes.

Usually there are 2 approaches to content curation: human-based and computer-assisted.

Human-based content curation takes a lot of time and does not properly scale up as you need, but it’s needed, or if you prefer: it’s a must and you can’t do a good content curation without a human process involved.

Curators tend to gather information from sources they like or they follow but they don’t know immediately what’s the value of the sources and they tend to get them as quite “good” to start working for and make the initial filtering.

scale up content curation

On the other hands:  Computer-assisted content curation can surely help a curator in gathering, selection/filtering of content but it is a very time-consuming process and the filtering job to do is huge.

There are a few aspects very important to keep in mind if you are a content curator:

Discover new sources: this is very hard and definitely the most important aspect of the curation process. There are a lot of content curation tools to automate the process.

The most important thing here is to configure each tool properly. That’s not immediately easy to do, especially if you are starting to learn the tools.

Note: most tools use a semantic engine in order to provide content to a curator. Use them and understand how they use their algorithms to give you content.

This is crucial to learn and can make the difference in the gathering process. Make a lot of trials until you reach a good level. Improve continuously adding, removing or modifying the engines’ intelligence.

Use them, read reviews, ask for information in forums or blogs and even look for hidden features or tricks from experts. After you can handle all the tools, your content curation jobs will be easier and faster.

Connect with other users of your niche, follow them and see what are they sharing or suggesting to their followers.

That’s very important. Do not limit only to social media “gurus”, but explore new sources and networks . There are a lot of good information out there to consider.

After you have built up your content source, improve and tweak to reach the best and valuable content in shorter time.

This is another crucial aspect of the content curation. If you do it properly, the curation process will speed up and you can scale up with ease with less time and with better content.

Make tests and trials until you reach a good level and you start to see good and relevant content to flow. Rinse and repeat for every tool you will use. Be your Content Curation “guru”.

We have selected 10 best content curation tools you can start using immediately, check this out.

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