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Best tips for the perfect landing page design

How to make a perfect landing page design? Good question. But before that: what is a landing page and why should you use one? A landing page is a web page where users “land” on. Landing pages can be built for different purposes like lead generation, email marketing campaigns, CTR conversions and more.

Most companies do not use landing pages correctly and they are missing a real opportunity to convert traffic to leads. If you have an AdWords campaign and you choose the right keywords, you need a landing page in order to convert visitors to potential customers.

There are normally 2 types of landing pages:

1. Click through landing pages: can be used to persuade visitors to click another page, for example: in E-commerce they are used to present a product or special offers discounts inviting users to click. Here is where users will be converted in potential customers and your CTR will grow up.

2.Lead generation landing pages: can be used to obtain some information from visitors like, name, email address etc.. these types of landing pages are only used to grab information you can use later to make promotions, offers and other sales marketing things. Some examples can be: entering a contest or competition, getting a special discount, downloading a free Ebook etc.

There are a few things to consider when creating a new landing page. You have to limit distraction elements because you won’t users to click elsewhere in the page. Give them something valuable and they will be happy to give you their email address. Include social sharing to make it viral. Don’t design a long landing page, keep it short and essential and test more times to see which ones convert better for you.

There is a great infographic that helps to better understand these concepts, let’s have a look:

Perfect Landing Page Design

image courtesy of: kissmetrics

As you can see there are 10 points you must keep in mind when you decide to create a landing page for your purposes. You can use this infographic as a good resource and to remember the most important elements of the perfect landing page design.

The landing page is short with a few elements, contains a visible Call to Action that stands out from the rest, contains testimonials (you must get testimonials for more credibility). Contains the proper layout and text formatting. Don’t forget you must test different versions of a landing page to understand which delivers the best results.

Enjoy creating your  perfect landing page design.


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