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8 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

When you’re out of a job but actively seeking employment, exposure is everything. Long gone are the days of simply responding to want ads in your local newspaper, and here to stay are the media tools to get your voice and experience heard.

Since you are likely already familiar with common social media tools, you can easily expose your experience in ways you can’t traditionally do and up your chances of getting that dream job more quickly. Learn how to use 8 social media tips to your advantage, and land that new job.

You’ve likely heard of Facebook and Twitter (who hasn’t?), and you can use these already familiar social media tools to get your foot in the door. Professionally update your bios on all the social media sites that you use, clearly stating that you are actively looking for employment.

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Don’t be shy about admitting that you need work, and make sure that all your contact information, such as e-mail, is in a format that won’t make any potential employers blush with embarrassment. This is perhaps the easiest and most overlooked tip in using the Internet to your employment advantage.

Use Linked In and Branch Out from your Facebook account to see if you have any friends who work for companies you are interested in working for. This is helpful to you in two ways- you can rub shoulders with friends and people you know who already work where you’d like to be employed, and you can encourage them to give you a good word as you prepare your resume. Having people ‘on the inside’ is often a great way to land that new job and let you stand out over other applicants.

Start a blog using a simple format via WordPress. Using WordPress, you can create a resume, job performace history, and accomplishments that you can attach to any social media site that you use, or as an attachment as you e-mail potential employers. Having a blog that you can update daily allows you to keep on constant alert in the world of job searching, and gives you an edge in presenting yourself in a professional manner. Another great reason to start a blog is that you can place more information in your blog than you can in a traditional resume and really pump yourself up over the competition to your potential employers.

Slideshare is a great way to present yourself in the job market via posting PowerPoints for everyone to see on various websites. You can use your Linked In profile to expand yourself in a video format this way, giving you the edge on your competition and letting companies you’d like to work for know what you’re all about in more than just words.

Tweetcloud is a great way to find out what people you are following talk about the most. By targeting keywords by tracking the words conversed about most often, those you are following on Twitter (companies, potential employers, friends who work where you are hoping to get hired) can be made easier to speak with by already being aware of what they talk about frequently. This allows you to easily converse in topics and subjects that may lead you further than just talking about the weather.

FB140 is a great social media tool if you want to combine your Twitter followers and your Facebook friends into one easily followed account. When you are looking to make permanent connections, keeping track of those you stay in contact with is important, and this tool makes it easier to do by combining all your friends and followers into one account.

Use to have all your documents, including resumes, downloaded nearly anwhere. From this site, you can easily broadcast yourself without having to upload your documents every time, allowing you to stay in contact with the social media world with less time and effort.

Finally, if you are using social media to stay in contact with potential employees and connections:

make sure you are always able to be reached. Whether from your laptop or your smartphone, check your outlets and update them often, check your e-mail daily and respond as quickly as you can to inquiries. In making yourself readily available, you appear more profficient and in a world where having a job is considered a luxury, you don’t want to miss out on your dream job simply because you missed an e-mail message by just a few hours.

About the author: James Zachary helps people get jobs in the security industry. He has created an industry leading guide at Security Guard

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