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7 tips to rank higher in Google after the penguin update

A Google penguin is an algorithmic code update that is used to decrease ranking in search engines in different websites which fail to follow the laid out guidelines in Google webmasters.

This is achieved by using black hat SEO method that involve using technique like cloaking and stuffing keywords, using link schemes and creating same contents that have been published in Google search engine.

Here are some important tips that will help web users to rank high in Google search engine after a penguin update.

Rank higher in Google

Stop creating pages with malicious characters

One thing that should be avoided by anyone who wants to rank high in any Google search engine after a penguin update is to avoid creation of pages that are malicious. Since Google has a way of detecting such pages, you will be fined by being ranked lowly in the search engines.

No automated queries

Google can detect automated queries. These are queries that are sent to search engines automatically. When this has been done, search engines will detect an increased flow from one site thus blocking them. When this has been done the result will be low ranking that will affect the number of visitors who will be clicking or searching for a website. This will benefit competitors’ website.

Use relevant links

The Penguin Google search updates must be used by following laid down procedures. In order to be ranked high after a single penguin update it is mandatory that website owners’ uses relevant links aimed at directing visitors towards your site. Any links and backlinks used must be relevant and used with keyword. They must also be relevant to your site such that visitors who click on them will not land on suspect sites.

Have readers and users in mind

It is important to come up with good articles. The articles to be published in your website must be oriented to users. In doing so put end user in mind. For example avoid using too many technical words that will not be comprehended by users. It is important to visualize targeted readers. This can be done by analyzing demographics, good wording, sentence patterns and in a given niche like banking. In case there is use of technical words in the website article, then they must be explained.

Do some research on the best keyword

Search engine optimizations involve proper use of key word. Therefore any keyword that is used in selling of website must be researched well. This means that an individual will only use keywords that are specified in a niche that will in turn help one in getting desired results. For those people who are not experts in the use of SEO, then they will have to set aside some resources to hire experts who will help them come up with targeted keywords that will boost ranking in Google.

Create a single page and domain

In order to be ranked high after a penguin update in Google, website owners are advised to have only a single webpage that will be searched by users. In addition one should avoid creating many sub domains that contains the same duplicate contents. The trick in owning a single webpage with no sub domains is to ensure millions of users are searching for a well written website with unique content rather than diverting traffic to many web pages that comes with weak content.

Develop killer contents

In order to increase traffic in your site, it is ideal to develop contents that will be interesting to people. It is known all over that content is king and it is the selling point in websites. Content is highly considered by search engines and it will be used in weighing the site worthiness. Hiring a qualified content writer well versed with keyword and optimization will score a plus. In addition they will guide one in getting relevant contents which are unique. With this they will be ranked high since most of the contents will attract many clicks.

To avoid low ranking on Google, one should always avoid using bad tricks that will rank their site high, avoid schemes that are aimed at increasing the site ranking like spammers, built pages for users’ needs and not for the search engines and finally, don’t use computer software that is not licensed to check rankings and submission of pages.

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