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5 Ways to Find a Job on Twitter

If you were given the opportunity to enjoy your most favorite social networking site, also known as Twitter, while opening yourself up to a handful of work and employment opportunities, wouldn’t you like to grab it?

Chances are you would, but then again how can you take advantage of these online perks? Here are five effective ways on how to find a job that you have always been dreaming of on Twitter.

Be Professional

Even if you think that nobody reads and cares about your tweets, there are actually some people who read through the most mundane of things.

If you want to effectively score a job on twitter, it is very important that you consider tweeting like an expert or a professional. Avoid ranting about your heartaches and talk about the more important things in life because this can score you a job.

find job on twitter

The Power of #Hashtags

When tweeting, always make it a point to use and take advantage of hashtags or the most commonly searched and talked about words that are trending on twitter.

For instance, if you want to talk about politics, then narrow your thoughts and points down to 140 characters and include a hashtag that says #politics. This makes it easier for people to find your tweets and actually notice them.

Connect with Professionals

When you sign up for Twitter, make it a point to also add important people who might be instrumental to your success at finding a business or work opportunity.

Do not be ashamed to add your previous employers or friends who have their own business, and even other corporations that you are interested with because chances are, this will help you land a job and can help create a more focused work slash twitter environment for you.


As already mentioned earlier, building a network is as important as you can possibly think of. This means that creating a network entails following and adding different people from different groups.

When you do, make sure to read through valuable tweets that can lead and help you to land a job. It’s okay to add your family and friends but do not forget to stick to your actual goal of earning money.

“Hire Me”

It is definitely okay to be assertive of yourself especially if you know for sure that you have the capabilities and the drive to land a job through Twitter.

Without having to be self-centered, you can very well start a campaign asking individuals and companies to hire you and your abilities. Make sure to include necessary hashtags so that more people will notice you.

These tips are said to be effective in helping people like you land a job on Twitter. However, it is important to realize that although your dream job already exists, it doesn’t mean that you can be hired overnight.

That is to say, if you are doing these steps to land a job, other people out there are also doing the same thing so it’s important to set your eyes on the goal and remain focused.

Author bio: This post was written by Hannah M.  She helped create the resource HowMuchIsIt, a place where you can find what things are going to cost you in life.


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