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5 Effective Ways to Presell Your Affiliate Product

You won’t be able to generate sales promoting affiliate products if you can’t presell to your audience.

What I want to say is that preselling is a highly important factor that will lead you toward success in your affiliate business.

You have to know some effective strategies to presell your audience. Otherwise, you won’t be able to persuade them to take action.

presell your affiliate products

Here are 5 effective ways to presell your affiliate product:

1. Write a review with personal experience

Writing a review is a good way to make money from promoting other people’s products. But, do you know what kind of review gets appreciated more? It’s personal review. This kind of review will inspire your audience to take action more effectively.

Why? That’s because they can relate to it. So, if you’re making a review about a coffeemaker product that you personally use and recommend, it will be different from making review about a product you didn’t ever touch at all. It will move people’s mind to agree with your recommendation if you’re writing your review according to your personal experience.

2. Create hype during product launch              

Product launch is a moment when a product will get its utmost attention. If you can find a hot product that will be launched soon, you should grab this chance to promote that product. That’s because if you’re joining the product launch craze, then you will be able to take a part in the initial product sales.

Remember that if it is a good product, then it is worth promoting at launch. The way you promote a product during product launch is to create hype about the product. Preferably you can create special mailing list for this purpose. You have to warm up your audience before that product is released on the market few weeks or months later.

3. Create content series

Content series (tutorial-type) will help people to understand things more clearly. For instance, you can create a tutorial about “How to Lose Weight with Easy to Do Exercises” if you’re onto a weight loss niche. In this tutorial, you will create 7 or 10 articles that will guide your audience step by step into achieving this goal.

At the end of the tutorial, you’re doing product review about the product that you promote that will help your audience to get more training to lose weight. Or you can recommend some weight loss pills. In this way you’re inviting your audience toward your product slowly but surely.

4. Offer exclusive bonus for those who purchase through your link

Some people in certain niches know that you’re making money from your promotion. I’m talking about general making money niches. How do you persuade your audience if you’re into a niche that makes people notice that you’re making money from your promotion?

The answer is by giving your audience an exclusive bonus for those who purchase the product through your link. You’re basically saying: “OK, you know that I’m making money from promoting this. But, look, I’ve got something special for you if you just buy this product through my link. Remember, the price won’t change whether you buy the product from me or not. So, wouldn’t it be better for you to take this offer?” And you know what? This strategy works!

5. Create videos about the product

When you’re talking about the product that you recommend to your audience, you better give them some visual presentation about the product. Create some videos explaining about how the product will work for them. It will give them more trust toward your recommendation.

Those are some effective ways to presell your affiliate product to your audience. Remember that preselling is the key to your success in affiliate marketing. Without preselling skill, you won’t be able to persuade anyone to buy. So, use the tips above and start preselling now.

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