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12 Ways To Keep Your Audience Interested

From childhood, stories are how we make sense of everything in this world. Stories are how we still make sense of this world, be they through news, blogs, movies, documentaries and so on.

When it comes to your blog, stories are again how you’ll keep your audience interested and engaged, always wanting more.

1. Consciously Develop Key Storylines

If you upload posts that are connected to each other, there’s a greater chance of engaging and holding the reader’s interest. Create a story arc by forming an emotional connection with readers. You can do this by taking a topic and writing post series. If you’re using guest posters, get them to follow your story arc as well.

2. Let Your Passion Come Through

Infuse your words with your passion for your industry and your topic. That’s one of the main reasons why you should not blog about topics for which you don’t feel passion.

For example, if thoughts of writing about fashion jewelry do not consume your mind, then don’t attempt to create a blog on this topic. Follow your passion and let it drip through into each word you type, and your readers will be hooked for a long time.

Keep your Audience

3. Provide Epilogues

People who read fiction are

fond of knowing what happened to the characters in their books. After a successful post series, do provide an ‘epilogue post’ that sort of wraps up the series. While you’re doing this, use the epilogue to create a few more questions in your reader’s mind and write a different post series answering those questions.

4. Use Videos

Videos are a great way of engaging an audience and keeping your branding in the reader’s mind. Make sure your videos are of great quality, load fast. Whether you’re creating a video post or uploading small, informational clips, include your logo, byline and subscription email id at the beginning and at the end.

5. Keep The Discussion Going Using Spinoffs

Create topics that will draw readers in during quiet times such as holidays and weekends. Explore all the posts you can do in a topic such as, for example, fashion shows. Write the posts for a diverse audience. Add more content to the second post by using the comments from the first post. This keeps the discussion and the momentum ongoing.

6. Figure Out Great Sounding Titles

Your post titles decide whether they’re read or passed by. Work on the title till you feel they’re catchy enough. Also do searches for similar content and read those titles. You’ll get an idea of the kinds of titles that are searched for most often. It helps to add a slight note of humor to your title as well.

7. Maintain A Unique Voice

Develop and maintain a unique style of writing. Your style, your writing voice and your expressions brand your blog, just as much as your logo and colors do. Speak to your audience in the voice people most appreciate– direct, slightly humorous and to-the-point, no wishy-washy sentences. Your audience will thank you for it.

8. Write Specifically For Your Audience

For example, if your audience comprises of mature 40+ businesspeople, keep your tone direct, formal and to the point. Provide examples, references, statistics and charts. If you’re writing for 20+ year old fashion students and designers, keep your tone fun, light, cheerful and funny. It’s ok to use funny images and videos too.

9. Promote Your Post Series Via Multiple Channels

Advertise your post series on social media, advertising and on other blogs. Draw out the social discussion from the day after publishing the post to as long as the series lasts. Tweet about what you learnt from a post that you uploaded, and what remains to be learnt from the related story posts in the next few weeks.

10. Don’t Overload Your Reader

Create a fast read – enjoyable, brief and engaging. Avoid long paragraphs with ifs and buts and large words that slow the reader down.  Break text with headers and sub-headers, and use bullets to further simplify matters. If your post needs the reader to scroll down more than a page, you’ve lost the reader.

11. Make Sure Your Post Fulfills The Title’s Promise

If your title says, “10 ways to make money within a week”, stick to the topic. Each point in your post should offer a clear method to make money. Don’t use a catchy title to deliver less than catchy material – you’ll lose the reader’s trust. Also, deliver a unique perspective that’s entirely your own, what you think.

12. Explore Various Elements

Upload various kinds of content – audio files, video files, infographics, guest posts, interviews and so on. Now and then interview an industry celebrity and write it up. It helps to include a clip of the celebrity talking to you if possible. Mix up several elements in the same blog to hook the audience in further.

About the author: Stephen is a web design expert, who provides freelance design services to ecommerce companies. His specialty is landing page design for conversion optimization.

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