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10 Pinterest posts that will blow your mind

Here is a nice selection of the latest Pinterest posts over the Internet. These posts have been selected and curated for you. You will find a lot of information and inspiration if you are a Pinterest addict. Amazing tips, Pinterest SEO best practices, Image optimization, infographics and much more!

Facebook Tests Pinterest-Style Feature Called ‘Collections’

“Watch out, Pinterest. Facebook may be dishing out a little bit of competition. In case you were a little bit off the grid because of the Columbus Day holiday, on Monday the social network began testing a new feature called ‘Collections,’ which allows marketers to add “Want” or “Collect” buttons to news feed posts about products.”

Pinterest Now Overshadowing Facebook for Shopping, Panel Says

“A social media strategy today must go beyond Facebook, leaders from top retail companies said at the first annual Fashion Digital New York conference on Oct. 10 in New York City at the McGraw-Hill Building.”

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10 Best Pinterest Practices

“Facebook and Twitter being the reigning kings and others trailing behind with users unsure of what to do. However, Pinterest is proving to be an extremely useful tool for businesses to engage in.”

5 Tips to Increase Your SEO with Pinterest

“Like the more established networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest allows companies and individuals to post, share and spread content of all types. As an SEO marketer there are huge gains to be made by turning to the Pinterest platform, as it offers many unique tools to boost SEO.”

The CEO’s Guide To Understanding Pinterest’s Value [Infographic]

“This infographic called A CEO’s Guide To Pinterest (by and serves as a basic guide to understanding this very popular social site by breaking down the benefits and value from a CEO’s perspective. According to this, “Pinterest is more than just a new online fad; it’s a proven traffic generator. In fact, research from Shareaholic indicates that Pinterest drives more traffic to a website than Twitter.”

Pinterest Purchasing Power [Infographic]

“Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 referral of traffic to That and the rest of our statistics might surprise you. We’ve researched the web, and collected our own data, to visually educate you on the importance of Pinterest when it comes to marketing your business.”

5 Pinterest Knockoffs To Keep Your Eye On

“With a simple “virtual” pinboard concept, Pinterest is easy to use, and as you will see, easy to imitate. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but some “similar” sites have taken imitation to new heights, leaving users wondering where Pinterest ends and the “knockoff” site begins.”

How to Get More Pinterest Exposure With Less Work

“Are you concerned you don’t have the time to manage a Pinterest account on top of all of your other social media efforts? In this article I’ll reveal a solution to make your Pinterest marketing easier and get the results you want.”

Pinterest Image Optimization [Infographic]

“Brought to you by Pinnable Business, today’s infographic is all about optimizing your Pins for success on Pinterest. Pinterest is for the most part a majorly image-based social site, so pinning great photos and content is crucial to your business’s success on the website.”

7 Surprising Pinterest Insights Every Marketer Needs

As social media’s answer to scrapbooking, Pinterest started as one of the few social media networks where early adopters were women. With its meteoric growth this year, Pinterest’s audience has shifted. As with other newer social media platforms, it’s critical as a marketer to stake out your turf and build your base before you discover you’re significantly behind your competitors.

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